Crisis and Issues Management

Whether or not your company or organization is responsible for products than can be hazardous, you can quickly and inadvertently find yourself in the eye of a shit storm, especially today in an age of social media supremacy.

A situation like that requires rapid action, an immediate establishment of facts, and a resolute decision on how, when, and if to communicate as well as a consideration of the right spokesperson and a through training.

Similar considerations are relevant when a company or organization needs to release negative news, which will eventually come out. Here the big difference is that in this case, where the external pressure is not yet there, it is possible to plan for the right message and publish at the right moment hopefully proactively exerting more control over the outcome.

Ingeman & Co can help you manage your crisis communication both when you are forced to react to a sudden request from a journalist, or in the event of the planned issue, where you have the time to prepare.

A 24-hour crisis hotline is available to clients who wants the ability to move very quickly when a crisis arises.