Public Affairs

Companies and organizations depend on legislation and regulation from both the Danish Parliament and the EU institutions being conducive and not damaging to their business opportunities.

The legislative process sees almost as many interests and opinions as it has participating voters, which explains why legislation and new regulation is often be based on compromise. A compromise which is not always ideal – perhaps even directly counterproductive – to certain organizations or companies. Such is the nature of democracy.

On the positive side, in both Denmark and the EU, the same democratic system gives businesses very stable and reliable conditions, and there is ample opportunity to voice opinions and influence lawmakers and civil servants through facts and information. In short: there is plenty of room for public affairs or lobbyism, which should be seen as an important tool for most organizations and companies.

Ingemann & Co can help ensure you a voice with decision makers and an opportunity to influence decisions that have an important bearing on your commercial interests through our extensive network among politicians and decision-makers in Denmark as well as in the EU.

We have a tried and tested structured approach to public affairs, and we make sure that our clients have an opportunity to understand the fundamental ground rules involved in influencing legislation. Public affairs is a matter of hard and deliberate work with respect for the conditions politicians and civil servants serve under. Understanding these – often informal – rules is a prerequisite for gaining influence, and Ingemann & Co can help you through the entire process.