Stakeholder analysis

An overview of and a strong reputation among stakeholders is crucial to a company’s or organisation’s success. Knowing what affects your reputation and understanding the stakeholder landscape is key before launching a strategy process.

Many companies and organizations base their self-understanding of their reputation on assumptions, informal talks with clients and others, but to achieve a razor-sharp analysis of your stakeholders it is necessary to be objective, systematic and methodical. In short, an outside view of your company or organization is required.

Ingemann & Co uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods when carrying out stakeholder analysis, including electronic surveys and personal 1:1 interviews based on a tailored and structured interview guide. Not only do we uncover the organization’s reputation, but we also identify what impacts and shapes the reputation, and stakeholders’ expectations going forward.

In other words, a stakeholder analysis from Ingemann & Co will give you specific knowledge of the parameters you need to address to strengthen results – both financial and reputational.

Ingemann & Co can also assist with the subsequent implementation whether the conclusions from the stakeholder analysis inform an ensuing strategy process or specific action plans.