Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management can quickly turn into a cumbersome academic ordeal. That is not necessary, because fundamentally it is about achieving success through communication focusing on the receiver, not the sender.

Ingemann & Co uses this three-step model, when advising our clients on stakeholder management:

1. Identify stakeholders (can be customers, citizens, employees, business partners, competitors, NGOs, media, etc.).

2. Map and evaluation each individual stakeholder group based on A) Importance and B) Sentiment towards you – e.g. either favorable, neutral or negative.

3. Target messages to each relevant stakeholders focusing on confirming the positive sentiments of your supporters and turning them into ambassadors, and converting detractors and neutrals.

Quite simple, but only if the approach is structured and the hard work is done.

Ingemann & Co can help your company or organization with all forms of stakeholder management whether you are already started or beginning from scratch.