Strategy, business development & communication

Ingemann & Co.

Ingemann & Co. is a consultancy founded in 2004 delivering top performance advice in strategy, business development and communication. We are targeted and uncompromising with the quality and we keep what we promise.

Over the last 10 years, the requirements for what and how businesses and organizations are executing on their strategy and handling their communication have been significantly sharpened. Expectations from stakeholders – whether it is customers, owners, employees, media or politicians, etc. – can be massive and ubiquitous.

Ingemann & Co. helps your company or organization handle this in a professional manner so that it will impact your bottom line and / or the parameters you’re measuring.


We can help you develop your strategy and put it into action so it will felt on your bottom line.

Business development

We can assist in business development of your company or organization with an agile and operational method.

Assistance for Financial Supervisory Authority approvals

We can assist in preparing applications to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority to obtain multiple permits

Payment sector

We can assist with everything within the payment sector.